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What is Omnilytics Platform?

Omnilytics Platform is a distributed data network which processes global aggregated datasets and combines artificial intelligence, as well as machine learning tools across various industries. Omnilytics aims to power the world with market intelligence and be the frontier of data economy.

How does Omnilytics Platform differ from the rest of the ICO projects?

Omnilytics Platform represents the new frontier of how data is aggregated, processed and utilised. We utilise artificial intelligence and machine learning data processing to aggregate data across various industries.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain technology acts as the catalyst to our architecture. It powers our smart contracts, distributed data fingerprinting, data exchange and other protocols and APIs. Users on our infrastructure can easily develop and utilise data services without a background in blockchain or data with full transparency and auditability. Thus, blockchain technology not only ensures the price competitiveness of our services, but also provides a key strategic advantage in the verifiable and transparent quality of our data to our community.

Who are the users of Omnilytics Platform?

The users of Omnilytics Platform cover business individuals, corporations, developers, retailers and many more that utilises our platform for various use cases. Use cases include understanding consumer insights, data tracking and analytics tools.
With that said, users can also be the data suppliers. For example, Zalora may be supplying data to our platform, but be a user at the same time.

What is Omnilytics Platform’s vision?

Our vision is to build a cross-industry data infrastructure.
To meet the market demand and use case variations from different industries, our infrastructure architecture is designed with modularity as its core, being able to adapt to any industry and data processing requirement.

Why is there a need for OMN tokens?

The OMN token economy is built around a continuous circulation ecosystem where several key actors provide high liquidity actions. Its architecture is built by providing services to Platform users, while at the same time, incentivising data partnerships and client demands. The OMN tokens will be part of the architecture.

Will there be an ICO?

There is currently no public sale for Omnilytics Platform. Any pools or sales promising allocation are without the authorisation from Omnilytics Platform. If found, they will be removed. Any public announcement will only be from our our website, our official Telegram channel, or from an official team member.

Omnilytics already has an existing and working product. How does it work?

Omnilytics Platform and Omnilytics are two separate entities: the Omnilytics dashboard receives and utilises the data provided by Omnilytics Platform.

What is the major activity on GitHub repositories?

For the time being, Omnilytics Platform is currently running under close-sourced, but we will be updating the GitHub Wiki from time to time. Alternatively, we will also be updating our development progress on our medium blog.

How will Omnilytics use blockchain?

We are leveraging on blockchain to bring transparency to each transaction, while simultaneously establishing data auditability. Blockchain also has the ability to give micropayments for the key actors, ensuring fair distribution of incentives.

Where can I get more information on nodes?

Stay tuned for more updates on our website and blog as we will deep dive into each nodes about their roles and responsibilities in our data infrastructure.