Who We Are

Omnilytics is a distributed data network which processes aggregated data sets and combines artificial intelligence, as well as machine learning tools across various industries.

Together this builds a cross-industry data infrastructure that provides enterprise grade data and machine learning tools for everyone.

Companies we work with

Institutional investors

The Vision

The Data Source for All Companies.

From data startups to Fortune 500s, The Omnilytics Platform will serve to empower the next generation of companies globally.

How We Do It

Machine training, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Acquire Data

  • Proprietary Universal Scraper ⟶ Automatic
  • Data Partners ⟶ APIs

Process Data

  • AI, Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing
  • Highly manual machine training process for each new industry
  • Highly automated once the machine has “learned”

Make Data Actionable

  • AI, UI & UX built on end-user feedback ⟶ Automatic

Current Limits

Supply is the limiting factor, not demand. Blockchain enables us to scale our operations and track data provenance through a decentralised business model and a trustless set up.

Bottleneck in Processing Scalability

  • Every new industry requires a retraining of the AI
  • Every change in an industry requires retraining of the AI

Lack of Data Verifiability

  • Market intelligence value is directly correlated to data provenance verifiability & traceability
  • Market intelligence value is directly correlated to data accuracy

Limit in Tracking Data Usage

  • Data collected from Data Partners is unable to be tracked on an end-to-end basis
  • Every individual and Data Partner has the right to know how their data is being used and processed

How Does The OMN Token Remove Limits?

Align all stakeholders in the economy towards the shared goal of a democratic market intelligence industry.

Processing Scalability

  • Decentralised training of AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Crowd-sourced training of models to provide initial logic to our AI

Data Provenance

  • All of the data stored are fingerprinted, hashed, and encrypted

Tracking Data Usage

  • End-to-end tracking, allowing individuals and Data Partners to track the usage of their data

Infrastructure for Acquiring, Processing and Actionable Data

Users request data on the Data Action layer, the data is acquired on the Data Acquisition layer and sent to the Data Processing layer to be validated and to provide immutability to the data. The data is then “shaped” to the needs of the users and sent back to the Data Action layer. Blockchain verifies reputations for every node that opts in, and oracle computes earnings on-chain to further reduce trust for interactions.

Data Acquisition

Publicly available codebase-level data is acquired through our proprietary data mining software. Private data is acquired through Data Partners, such as credit card transactions, POS, exchanges, location, mobile apps, etc.

Data Processing

All data acquired is processed through our Data Validation and Shaper Nodes. OMN tokens are staked for nodes to operate. To prevent collusion, we utilise randomisation, consensus and a trust system. Data Shaper Nodes are trained through crowd-sourcing and third-party artificial intelligences.

Data Action

Data is requested and dApps / Apps are built on top of our Data Action Layer. Different levels of commercialised data is accessible based on OMN tokens held in the wallet. Examples of possible dApps / Apps include AppAnnie, SimilarWeb, Shoppr, Bloomberg Terminal, etc.

Market Opportunity

A self-reinforcing ecosystem with alignment of interests across all actors. Our competitors of today, will be our clients of tomorrow.


Kendrick Wong

CEO, Co-Founder

Kendrick has experience in forecasting data and market trends, as his previous company Scorpion Textiles & Wholesale successfully maximised niche products. The company produced and sold an in-house brand of fashion and jewellery to high-street stores in the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Sylvia Yin

COO, Co-Founder

Sylvia was named Forbes 30 Under 30 for the Retail & E-commerce category in 2016, and speaks at various tech and women entrepreneur events in the Southeast Asia region.

Nikolai Prettner

Head of Design, Co-Founder

Previously, he was the Lead Graphic Designer at Duriana, where he led the overall rebranding of the company. Nikolai’s Google+ page, where he shares his designs and concepts, has 7 million views.

Marcus Low


Marcus wrote one of the world’s first real-time macro virus detection, which sold as MacroPro in the late 90s. He also developed the first industry script for a personal firewall engine for Norman AntiVirus, and a VPN Ipsec engine in mid-2000.

Dr James Mylroie-Smith

Head of Data Science

James was a PhD researcher at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research), which is the European research organisation that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.

Claire-Ariane Lorber

Head of Data Analytics

Prior to joining Omnilytics, Claire was the COO and co-founder of Bumbung, an online marketplace for property. She led the company to acquire a market share of 10% from scratch in 6 months, reaching 2,000+ property negotiators.

Tan Veen Dee

Head of Retail Insights

Veen Dee was the Head of Marketing at FashionValet, Asia’s largest online designer brands website. She leads the marketing divisions in all countries FashionValet operates in, Malaysia (HQ), Indonesia and Singapore, and spearheaded the expansions to Brunei.

Matthew Lovett

Director of Retail

Matthew was the Senior Account Executive at Marcus Evans Group, a multi-national business intelligence and events company. He brought in 6 new business clients in less than 2 months, and closed business deals in ANZ and the Asia Pacific region for multiple events in multiple countries.

Tan Jun Jie

Project Owner

Jun Jie has experience working as the Lead Mobile Developer at ShopprLabs and a software engineer in EASI Group, one of Asia’s leading integrated solutions provider for the Leisure and Retail industry, where he is involved in database solutions and business intelligence.

The People of Omnilytics

+35 Employees

From experienced data analysts, data scientists, engineers, writers to marketers, all 35+ of us are passionate in solving the biggest problems in market intelligence.


Darius Sit

MP, QCP Capital Trading Advisor

Geoffrey Arone

Partner, XRP Capital Ex-Chief Scientist at Experian

Kenneth Oh

SP, Dentons Rodyk & Davidson Legal Advisor

Eli-Shaoul Khedouri

Human Protocol

Kai C. Chng

CEO, DigixGlobal Ethereum Singapore MeetUp

Willson Cuaca

MP, East Ventures Venture Capital

Private Advisor

Private Advisor

Strategic Partners & Investors

Signum Capital

Signum Capital

XRP Capital

XRP Capital

500 StartUps

500 StartUps

QCP Capital

QCP Capital

Global Brain

Global Brain

Lunam Capital

Lunam Capital

Chain Partners

Chain Partners

Coin Capital

Coin Capital

East Ventures

East Ventures

NorthBlock Group

NorthBlock Group





Leng Hoe Lon

Kyber Network Executive Advisor Head of FX Rates & Credit, Standard Chartered Bank

Giulio Xiloyannis

COO, Zalora M&A, J.P. Morgan

Lorenzo Peracchione

E-Commerce Director (SEA & AUNZ), Sephora MD, Lamudi

Hans-Peter Ressel

Group Chief International Officer, Lazada Group Ex-MD Home24



Q3, 2017

  • Launched Omnilytics Fashion & Beauty Market Intelligence

Q4, 2017

  • Launched Omnilytics On Demand Data Reports
  • Launched Omnilytics Consumer Insights
  • New clients: Adidas, Ferragamo, Uniqlo


Q1, 2018

  • Drafting of Omnilytics Platform ICO Whitepaper
  • Forming partnerships with Data Partners
  • New clients: Hedge funds, price comparisons, competitor tracking

Q2, 2018

  • Launch Omnilytics Platform ICO
  • Announcement of strategic investor sale
  • Development on Data Processing Layer

Q3, 2018

  • Announcement of private investor sale
  • Development on Data Action Layer
  • Alpha Release on Data Processing: Data Validation Nodes

Q4, 2018

  • Alpha Release: Omnilytics Platform Coordinator
  • Alpha Release on Data Processing: Data Shaper Nodes
  • Alpha Release on Data Acquisition: Super Acquisition Nodes
  • Alpha Release on Data Action: Omnilytics Platform Dashboard
  • Token Generation Event


Q1, 2019

  • Beta Release: Data Validation Nodes, Data Shaper Nodes, Super Acquisition Nodes
  • Beta Release: Omnilytics Platform Data Audit
  • MVP Testnet Release: Omnilytics Platform

Q2, 2019

  • Product Release: Omnilytics Platform Ethereum Main-net
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